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Module 1: Options Greeks, History of Options

Whether you are a seasoned Trading Pro, or just starting our with a small brokerage account, you will get to know how to put the odds in your favor by learning a new concept called ‘Market Making’.

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Module 2: Wall Street Market Making

Giving you an edge. You will be learning how to maximize your profits using a very unique system used by banks, hedge fund managers and even Goldman Sachs.

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Module 3: Vertical Spreads , Playing to Win

Fortune favors the Smart, not the Bold.
See why Options are better than stocks.
Vertical Spreads are one of the most versatile strategies designed to
deliver more returns without more risk.

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Module 4: The Wall Street 10x Loophole

A complete module about how options are priced and how to profit from ‘Optionality’. This module also includes how to skew the odds in your favor by using Implied Volatility as a gauge.

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