Why Trade American-type Options

There’s never been a better time to invest in American-type options for huge, lightning-fast gains…

I’m talking about the same kind of gains “Prop. Traders” on Wall Street enjoy all the time.

Just one “Optimized Portfolio” could easily fast track your retirement plans

As a hedge fund manager and professional options trader trading my own funds. I’ve amassed over 10 years working in capital markets on Wall Street.


Entrepreneurship and OPTIONALITY are the best ways to make money in today’s world.


But throughout all of this, I’ve only found ONE area of the market where someone can potentially get huge, life-changing returns, without all of the risk of the private markets.


That’s why I’ve always made sure a portion of my portfolio is in American-type options.



1. American-type options are instruments that are overlooked by most investors but are growing faster than almost any other financial instruments.


Trading volume on U.S. options exchanges totaled 4.14 billion contracts. Most brokers offer international clients trading commissions as low as $1 per option trade. The estimated average daily value of the notional volume traded in S&P 500® (SPX) options grew from $12 billion in 2001, to more than $200 billion in 2016.


2. American-type options are often dealing with more cutting-edge technologies.


While most Mutual funds or asset managers is diversified across hundreds of stocks, limiting its overall growth, not to mention the sales charge , management fee,  you have to pay upfront before making any money. American-type of options are usually focused on one area that is cutting edge in their sector. An investment in options can produce enormous returns if the markets are starting to panic , like Brexit and more recently geo-political events like the one happening now in North Korea.



3. Nobody knows about American-type Options!


There are over 8,000 public companies. But The Wall Street Journal and CNBC and other media outlets only cover the largest companies. In fact, they often have reasons why they CAN’T cover American-type options trading because it is not demanded investors.



4. The more information that is in the news about a company, the more accurate the price is.


This makes it difficult to predict the stocks of companies like Google, Amazon, Verizon, IBM, etc. There just isn’t any information to arbitrage. Most most stocks go into sideways pattern for a long time

With American-type options, the information is all public, but nobody is looking! Nobody even knows where to look to find the right information. And then people don’t know how to interpret the information.



5. Limited downside , Unlimited Upside (i.e., smaller companies) are often bought by bigger companies.


Because of the factors above, options have the potential to not only quadruple, but they can potentially go up 200% or more.

I don’t say this as a sales technique. “200% returns!” These are the very real returns of many stock options as they went from smaller stocks to larger, returns.


I love to find the hidden gems of information. The small frequencies of signal in the vast cascade of noise that the mainstream media bathe us in. It’s these signals and the information we can use that will drive the right stocks to the highest possible returns of any investment over the next one month, two months or 10 months!


Tesla (TSLA), a company that develops premium electric cars. A month ago, TSLA options we bought is now a healthy 153%-plus higher and still going higher as even bigger companies look for acquisition candidates.


And to lead you toward those 200% returns, I’ve teamed up with my network of hedge fund traders.


So when we decided to launch the Top 1% Wall Street Market Makers to take advantage of the tremendous returns that American-type options often deliver, I knew between my network of contacts  and extreme research expertise, we had a home-run system.


Our team used 450 working hours building those modules and people asked me why I’m giving it away for free.


My answer is simple, ‘Cash Flow and time is the two most important currencies, without them , nothing is possible’.